Grilling planks have been used for hundreds of years to infuse natural smoke flavor into food. After all, smoke is nature’s original seasoning.

Though the original use of grilling planks was when the natives of the Pacific Northwest used Cedar wood to smoke their salmon, planks have evolved to flavor a variety of foods – including meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and soft cheeses with a rind.

Grilling Planks: Natural Smoke Flavor

When you grill your food on a plank, the natural smoke flavor from the wood will be infused into your food. The plank will also protect your food from direct flame, as well as keeping your food moist and juicy.

Though grilling planks are best known for their pairing with salmon, they can be used for a variety of food items, including beef, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetables, fruit and soft cheeses with a rind.

Grilling Plank Flavor Pairing

Different wood types pair best with different types of food. Just like you pair different wines with different kinds of food, planks have unique flavors that are enjoyed the most when paired with the right kind of food.

Cedar, for example, is a great flavor pairing for salmon, vegetables, soft cheeses with a rind, pork and tofu. For more information on flavor pairings, check out our grilling plank pairing guide.

Other Uses for Grilling Planks

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