Arbor Day is about planting and promoting new growth. It has a direct link to sustainability. Forestry is in our blood. Trees are in our soul. And those roots run deep.

Wood is the natural resource that makes our business possible.

A Forestry Legacy

Our team has a long history in West Coast forestry – practicing our craft in California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

We are SFI® and FSC® certified: both are great organizations. But sustainability is more than just a certification stamp to us.

Strategic Location

The environmental cost of obtaining and transporting our raw material, measured in fossil fuel consumption, is very low. Instead of cutting down trees, we recycle second-grade pieces from local suppliers that purchase lumber from sustainable sources.

Our mill and offices are located in the heart of Western Red Cedar’s botanical range. The Pacific Northwest where this species lives and thrives.

100% Fiber Utilization

All wood byproducts are used to make display units or fuel biomass generator.


We hold our raw material resourcing practices to a high sustainability standard. That means that we only use wood harvested from responsibly-managed, second-growth forests in the USA.

The wood that is used for our Made in the USA grilling planks is sourced from smaller trees, from forests that are managed in a conscientious way.  These smaller trees regenerate more quickly and are a more readily-renewable resource than non-USA sources.

Our Facility

We committed to thriving, healthy forests. That is why 35% of the manufacturing site property is dedicated to managed forest land.

Our onsite arboretum is made up of the following species:

  • Western Red Cedar
  • White Alder
  • Grand Fir
  • Black Cottonwood
  • Paper Birch
  • Western Larch
  • Idaho White Pine
  • Englemann Spruce

This area is managed with the end goal of open habitat for local wildlife and reduced fire hazard.

This year, we are celebrating by breaking ground by planting more trees on site. Spring is the optimal time for planting – prior to new growth, when the grown is most conducive toward easy root establishment.

Trees are our passion.

Wood heat warms our homes in the winter. Somehow, that heat is different – maybe cozier – than heat from a furnace. Wood smoke changes our food in ways that heat, acid and spice never dreamed of.

Our company and families are powered by trees.

Happy Arbor Day!