Grilling planks were used hundreds of years ago by the Natives of the Pacific Northwest when they smoked their salmon on Cedar shingles. As this tradition turned into a modern-day cooking method, we went from campfires to cooking over charcoal and propane in our backyards.

Can planks be used on a gas grill?

The answer: yes! And here’s why I love it…

I am a gas grill enthusiast. The ease of cranking it up on a week night after a long day at work and having dinner ready in not hours, but minutes, makes me a fan!

And the great thing about planking on a gas grill is turning your propane-fueled gas grill into a wood-smoking-machine. The direct flames cause the plank to smolder, creating lots of delicious smoke.

Tip: Make sure to keep the grill lid closed as much as possible to keep the smoke inside. If you repeatedly open your grill lid during the cooking process, you will lose the smoke.

Grilling Planks in the Oven

If it’s too cold to brave the outside weather, you can also bring planks inside the comfort of your own kitchen by oven planking. The process is slightly different, as oven planking works with steam, as opposed to smoke. But it’s a great way to add wood flavor and moisture to your food, keeping it juicy.

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