Easter is always a wonderful time for family gatherings. And having friends and family over, always means lots of cooking! But which recipes will make the cut for this special occasion?

As flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is getting warmer, we are anxiously awaiting any opportunity to bring out the grill and make a meal for our loved ones. And Easter is the perfect occasion for that.

So, with Easter only a few weeks away, we decided to showcase our three favorite grilling recipes for this hoppin’ holiday.

The Perfect Side Dish Recipe for Easter

For our first recipe, I chose one of my all-time favorites: Maple planked carrots with parsley. (I had to choose a carrot recipe. After all, it’s the Easter bunny’s favorite food!)

This is a wonderful snack or side dish for kids and adults alike. You only need a handful of ingredients, and the Maple plank adds a delicious sweet and smoky flavor to the carrots.

Lamb Recipe for Easter Dinner

But of course you can’t feed your whole family off of carrots alone, so our second Easter recipe is this Hickory smoked rack of lamb. It is one of the classic Easter dishes. By using the Hickory smoking chips, you are able to infuse the meat with a strong, bold smoky flavor – a perfect companion for lamb.

Dessert: Finishing Off the Perfect Meal

Last but not least, we need dessert! And what better excuse to stay outside in this warm, springtime weather than to grill up some sweet treats to finish off your Easter meal? For a healthy dessert I chose these Cedar planked pineapple spears.

They are sweet, sour, refreshing and the Cedar plank adds a delicate smoky flavor that perfectly completes this tasty dish.

Cedar Planked Pineapple Recipe Video