Our favorite burger recipes – whether its beef, lamb, or turkey – you’ll want to become a burger planking expert right now. Added bonus to planking burgs is that you can also plank your onions and pickles and anything else you want right on the same plank, taking your grilling game up to eleven.

Red Oak Planked Pimento Cheese Stuffed Burgers Recipe

These burgers are stuffed with an in.cred.ible homemade pimento cheese dip which doubles as a while-you-cook snack! 

Hickory Planked Pork Burger with BBQ Glaze and Apple Slaw

Hickory and pork is a fantastic match. The tartness of the apple and BBQ sauce balances out the rich meat and turns this into an awesome sandwich.

Cedar Planked Burger Buffalo Style

Buffalo style = our language. Hot, tangy, and blue cheesey. Yes pleasey!

Red Oak Planked Turkey Sliders

Great for a group, these turkey sliders come together in no time, and their small size means they cook quickly too!

Red Oak Planked Lamb Burgers

Lamb is so juicy and flavorful, when done right, it’s heavenly. The red oak plank has a delicious nutty smoke flavor that pairs especially well with lamb.

Cedar Planked Salmon Burger with Saffron Pickled Fennel

If you haven’t made a salmon burger before we highly recommend you give it a try! Pickled fennel and a zesty paprika mayo add a ton of flavor.

Red Oak Planked Bison Burgers

Planked burgers is a staff favorite in our office. To add even more of a special touch to this recipe, we used bison instead of beef, but this recipe would be great with any wild game.