Wildwood Grilling is excited to announce that we will be bringing back the popular dessert from last year’s Festival at Sandpoint: Cedar planked peaches. The dish will be sold at the Evans Brothers booth and all proceeds will be donated to The Festival at Sandpoint.

But it will be back for one night only.

We will be serving the Cedar planked peach dessert on August 12 only at the George Thorogood concert.

The peaches are grilled on a Cedar plank, which are produced here in Sandpoint by Wildwood Grilling. The plank infuses a delicious smoky flavor that complements the sweet peaches. The dish is then served with Wildwood Amaretto & Alder ice cream from Panhandle Cone and Coffee and topped with fresh blueberries from the Shingle Mill Blueberry Farm.

Want to make the dish at home?
Here is the recipe for our Cedar planked peaches. And if you need planks, we can help with that, too. Just check out our online shop.