It happens every year. The build up, the wins, the heartbreakers and then all the great parties that come when March Madness finally gets the ball rolling. While you may think your team has got this season in the bag, that won’t help you plan ahead on what foods and drinks you’ll be needing. We’ll hold your hand through this while the Zags take it home.

Tip Off!

What do sports, beer and food all have in common? We love them! Especially when we can combine the two (food and beer) and watch the third. Once you have the proper understanding, you are then in a position to cheer for the Zags and your bracket because now you’re cooking! What exactly, you may ask. The best dang party appetizers ever, that’s what.

Since there are a few weeks of this, we are giving you a few recipes that you can use to inspire cheer and help carry that winning momentum that you brought to your team all season. We all know it’s the fans, not the coaching or even the players, that win the games.

Taco About Delicious Game Day Foods


Tacos are easy, get everything set up and cooked. Then let your friends battle over the last savory Coffee Rubbed Steak Taco, so you can continue to watch the game in peace. No one will be able to defend their palate much like the great Karnowski when he gets the rock down low.

The Only Time Cherry Picking Isn’t Frowned Upon


You know what’s bold? Not waiting at half-court to get a breakaway dunk. No, bold is Cherry planked chicken wings. Nothing says “Hey, my party is a hit” more than sticky fingers from some of the best tasting chicken wings you’ll ever try.

What’s That Burning Smell? 


While it may be the Zags’ net from never missing, this time it might just be the best drinks at the party. Everyone has a little pyro in them and what better way to let it out than to infuse smoke into your cocktail?

Evan here! Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. Join me on my journey, tongs in hand, basketball spinning in the other as I discover the tastier side of the grill. I once heard that “Everything will kill you so chose something fun” and I chose to eat delicious foods and watch the Zags bring it home.