Planking has become a way of life for many people, including all of us here at Wildwood. Getting that smoky, delicious flavor for your food isn’t just an occasional treat anymore, it’s a way of cooking that reconnects us with nature, our loved ones and home.

As we near the New Year, we decided to find a way to help you do just that: Reconnect with nature, loved ones and home. Enter, the 30-Day Plank Challenge (no workout, I promise!)

What is planking?

You may have realized by now that we are not talking about the exercise known as planking. We are talking about cooking your food on a piece of natural wood, like Cedar, Alder or Hickory. This method has been around for hundreds of years. The natives of the Pacific Northwest used to smoke their salmon on Cedar wood and since then, it has turned into a modern-day way of cooking that brings us back to that natural instinct – cooking food with wood and fire.

Why Should You Plank? The Benefits of Planking

There are many reasons why cooking your food on planks is a good idea. Here are some of the benefits of planking:

  • Natural flavor without additives or chemicals
  • No added calories
  • Juicy, moist food
  • Different flavor pairings for different foods
  • Can be used on the grill or in the oven

30-Day Plank Challenge 2017

Now that you have read all the benefits of planking, we challenge you to participate in our 30-Day Plank Challenge. Here’s how:

Every day for the month of January, we will post 1 recipe with healthy and simple ingredients. To follow along, like us on Facebook.

We challenge you to cook these recipes for your family and see the change in not only your cooking, but your lifestyle. As you take time to prepare each meal and think about the ingredients going in, you are reconnecting with the way cooking was meant to be. It’s an enjoyable process that allows us to be creative, spend time with our loved ones and in the end, bring us all together at the end of a long day.

As you browse through each day’s recipe, know that all of these can be altered to meet dietary restrictions and personal preferences. Switch up ingredients or change the recipe altogether. But just remember: It’s an experience that’s meant to be enjoyed, not rushed.

So here’s the answer to what happens when you plank every day… You reconnect with your loved ones, your home and your natural instinct to cook delicious food.