About Brad

Brad is Phoenix-born and raised and is the founder of Chiles & Smoke. He’s a family-man, with a wife and 2 kids. With stacks of cookbooks, a computer, and practice he taught himself a wide variety of cooking skills to feed the family. Between a veggie-focused diet, food allergies and children opinions, he’s definitely on his toes in the kitchen for the family.

Brad always enjoyed cooking for his friends through college. His diverse college city and community opened his eyes to other cultures in the world of food. He began to realize there are no boundaries. Food had become a window to the rest of the world.

BBQ and live fire cooking is the preferred process for most of Brad’s cuisine. He’s looking to be a part of pushing BBQ forward into the next generation and phase in the food world.

What is your favorite condiment? 

Salsa Macha. It goes on top of almost anything.

What does a standard grilled or fire-cooked dinner look like for you and your family?

Tacos! Meat or veggies that have been grilled or smoked with fresh condiments that we have on hand in the fridge.

What do you like to drink while you grill?

IPA – It’s hot outside here in Phoenix!

What is your favorite thing to grill on a plank?

Mashed potatoes. Huge hit at parties because its unexpected, but packed with flavor.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

Century egg. It’s definitely not something I’m craving, let’s just say that…

Worst weather you’ve experienced while cooking outdoors?

Monsoons. We have micro-burst storms in the desert that appear out of nowhere with incredibly heavy winds and torrential rains. Thankfully I could wheel my smoker under the patio.