About Mike

I’m the eye, mind, and stomach behind the blog Another Pint Please, which, for the last decade, I have used to share my love of grilling, beer, and photography. Initially starting as a way to share what I had on the grill for dinner every night, it has morphed into another career.

With numerous appearances on local television, years of published food calendars, and having penned two articles about grilling for Sports Illustrated, I am most proud working as the “Grillographer” for Weber Grills. Creating photographs and video for their social and marketing groups, my work has been used around the world to spread the love of their grills.

While my grills, 16 to count, are always hot and my camera always ready, I can’t forget to report to my day job, as I finish my 22nd year as a police sergeant. With retirement not too far away, I’m lucky to know I will always be busy and fed.

What’s the longest time you’ve grilled/smoked something, and what was it? 

Roughly 30 pounds of pork shoulders for over 14 hours. It’s a long time and a lot of work, but the results were worth it.

What do you drink when you grill?

Beer… Stouts, IPAs, anything brewed local.

Worst weather conditions you’ve ever grilled in?

During a photoshoot for Weber, I was smoking turkeys when a microburst struck. The turkeys, and I, survived!

What’s your most memorable food experience?

Grilling up a dozen perfectly cooked to order rib eyes for a group of my friends.

What do you like to plank grill?

Potatoes…I LOVE any kind of planked potatoes.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever grilled?

The one I had last night.