“The horse is the mirror to your soul.”

-Buck Brannaman

There are many things we can do today to spend our vacation time, family time or adventure time. From skydiving to scuba diving (that was a horrid joke) to pretty much anything under this sun. We prefer to see the wonders of everything under the sun from the back of a horse (well, I do at least).

That’s the wild for you. Its got its dangers, which is part of the beauty

While there is something exhilarating about riding a motorized vehicle through fun and exciting country, being on something that has its own heartbeat makes every movement and decision you make not only affect you but the steed upon which you ride. You feel the earth give and move as you climb out of huge wash outs no motorcycle or four-wheeler could escape.  You are living it up.

All the while riding throughout the desert, we are constantly reminded of the splendid places that are all around us. The people, the places and the beauty that we all know and love and keep going back for more of. Our friends at the Rafter Y Ranch are upholding a lifestyle that is not so common anymore. Good stewards of the lands they maintain, great cowboys whose animals always come first and friends who enjoy sharing the beauty of this spectacular part of the country. One of the highlights every night when you make camp or get back to ranch is the food, we even got to throw in some planks to their already great family recipes and show them that even while Wildwood loves doing dumb things horseback, we also love any chance to cook. This time Red Stag!

Evan here! Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. Join me on my journey, reins in hand, planks in the other as I discover the tastier side of the grill. I once was told that “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle” and all i intend to waste is used grilling planks.