While grilling is half of the fun in the fall, we all know that the other half of what makes it the best season is hunting. Speaking of seasons, did you know that adding the right flavor of smoking chips can really add wonders to your catch? We did! Now we’ll show you how to get that delicious smoked wild game meat.

With all the varieties of what you can hunt and grill during hunting season in the Pacific Northwest, I thought I might create a simple and fun guide for some things you may not yet have tried or some other recipe you’re trying to spice up! And to you I say, grill on.

For many of us living in the Wild (Pacific North) West, hunting season is a big calendar countdown. The preparation, scouting, hunting and hopefully cooking of our successful prize. Living here is a very unique gift that we are lucky enough to enjoy, so why not enjoy it with a little flavor!

Tips for Smoked Wild Game

We have some favorites here but to name a few we have elk, deer, bear, water fowl, grouse and turkey (forestfowl?) Here are the fast and easy tips.

  • Knowing the age of the animal is huge as this helps determine the toughness of cuts.
  • Adding to an old secret family recipe is A-OK.
  • Smoke dries the meat (jerky), it also has antibacterial properties that preserve protein.
  • Open your grill or smoker as little as possible (heat and smoke escape every time) throwing off your flavor.
  • Want to drink a beer with your wild game? Check out our Beer & Wood Flavor Pairing Guide.
  • If you find it in a patch of a certain type of tree, that wood will pair best. (Just kidding)

Smoked Elk, Deer and other Wild Game Meat

Here are our favorite flavor combinations for the best smoked wild game:

  • Elk: NW Blend, Mesquite, Hickory
  • Bear: Maple, Apple, Mesquite
  • Deer: NW Blend, Mesquite, Hickory
  • Turkey: NW Blend, Cherry, Maple
  • Grouse: Apple, Cherry

Evan here! Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. Join me on my journey, planks on the grill, spatula in hand as I discover the tastier side of the grill. I once was told to “Your dinner is still in the woods” and to the woods I shall go.