Making a meal from scratch is not only rewarding, it’s also a way to ensure your food is fresh and you know exactly what goes into it. But catching your dinner and then cooking it — that’s another level of commitment!

That’s one of the reasons we love North Idaho. Being in nature, your food is often fresh and self-caught.


The small town of Sandpoint that Wildwood has called home for over 20 years is right on one of America’s deepest lakes — Lake Pend Oreille. In the summer, it’s full of boats, jet-skis, paddleboards, kayaks — and yes, delicious, fresh trout.


From the lake straight to the grill, we decided to cook this trout in a Cedar grilling wrap over open flame on a wood-fired pizza oven. The smoky flavor of the wood infused a complementary flavor for the fresh trout.


We don’t want to overpower the Cedar flavor from the grilling wrap, so season lightly with salt and pepper, and some fresh lemon slices. And enjoy!