It’s More Than Wood for Grilling

Cooking on fire and wood immediately re-connects us to our ancestry. To simpler times. And sharing that food – seasoned deeply with the flavor of wood smoke – builds a profound connection with the friends and family who we value and hold dear. That is the Wildwood Grilling experience.

Our Products

Grilling Planks

Use planks to cook food directly on a piece of hardwood, infusing your favorite food with the plank’s natural flavors.

Grilling wraps


Wrap grilling infuses smoky flavor into your favorite food while keeping it moist & juicy.

Smoking Chips

Smoking chips will smolder gently on coals or inside a smoker to produce an aromatic smoke that envelops all food items.

Spice Rubs

Spice Rubs

Our signature spice rubs are original formulas that have been custom blended by our Executive Chef.

Fire Starters

Fire Starters

These non toxic and food-safe fire starters are made from natural wood and beeswax, you won’t find any additives here.

Smoking Pellets

Smoking Pellets

Our all natural smoking pellets are made from a blend of Maple, Cherry, and Hickory hardwoods.

Private Labeling

We can put your company name, logo or message on our planks into the marketplace.


One-time set up charge of $200 for the cost of your unique, private label branding plate.


4 weeks turnaround from the time you approve the proof until you
receive your planks (for case quantities only).


To get started, please send your image (logo, name or message) to

Food Safety

Wood-grilling products come in contact with food, so safety is important. Our grilling planks are 100% pure and clean with no pesticides, herbicides or foreign matter. Plus, we use food-safe product processes and operate our facilities to the highest sanitary standards.


We take our role as stewards of this planet very seriously, so we use 100% of the wood fiber we produce. Wood by-products are used to create display units or fuel our biomass generator. In addition, our mill is located in the heart of the botanical range of many of our wood species to minimize the fossil fuel needed for transport.

Wildwood Grilling is FSC® certified (FSC® C140601)



Our Story

Wildwood Grilling is not like most companies out there.

We discovered the pristine, unspoiled beauty of North Idaho and fell in love.

We love the Pacific Northwest so much that we decided to build a company
that was worthy of these amazing surroundings. Little by little, we gathered
together the hardest working, most authentic people we have ever had the
pleasure of knowing and created our one-of-a-kind product line. We value
our team. We respect our customers and want to partner with you so that
your success is our success.

And – we want to produce an outstanding product that meets the highest
standards of safety and quality.

Interested in offering Wildwood Grilling products? We can help.

Call us, email us, chat us or send smoke signals.

A helpful and knowledgeable member of our sales team will get back to you

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