We’ve reached the dawning of springtime and renewal of promises. Reflecting on how many choices we have on the menu, it’s time to consider doing more with less. As many people of the world show their devotion by eliminating a sumptuous part of their diet, I’d like to offer a different take on this season of Lent.

We needn’t miss what nature has given to us purely. Instead of taking flavor away, let’s add to our pallet by grilling with wood planks, skewers, wraps and smoking chips. The aroma and flavor make us think of times gone by when we camped out or gathered around the family grill.

With that in mind let’s consider lifting the burden put on giving up some of our food choices at this time of year and choose to plank. Let’s share the fish, meat and vegetables at our tables while still keeping the flavor that we love to wake up our taste buds naturally. Grilling our favorite foods on wood planks and skewers helps bring out the rich flavors without any chemical additives.

So make your mouth stand at attention and nourish your soul. Our gift to ease your daily menu burden is this Cedar skewered shrimp taco recipe.