We didn’t invent cooking with fire and wood. In fact, we were beat to it by about 1,000 years by the natives of the Pacific Northwest. But we are the original, modern-day retail grilling plank manufacturer.

Consistent Supply

When you need planks, you don’t have time to wait around for the ship from China to finally arrive.

All of our products are sourced and manufactured right here in the United States. No port hold-ups.

Due to our sourcing expertise, we are able to have consistent supply. Our on-staff certified foresters have over 40 years of experience in the forestry industry.

So when you need planks, we’ve got you covered!

Sustainable Grilling Plank Manufacturer

We take pride in the products we make. Not only do we produce food-safe products,
we also use sustainable sources for our wood. Wildwood Grilling products are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). Both of these programs ensure the responsible forest management and sourcing of certified products.

Our company is located in the heart of Western Red Cedar’s botanical range. The Pacific Northwest is the only place in the world where this species lives and thrives.

The environmental cost of obtaining and transporting our raw material, measured in fossil fuel consumption, is very low. Instead of cutting down trees, we upcycle second-grade pieces from local suppliers that purchase lumber from sustainable sources.






GMP Certified Manufacturing

All of our products are consistently produced and controlled according to the highest U.S. quality and food safety standards. That’s why Wildwood Grilling products are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified.

Food Safety

Wood-grilling products come in contact with food, so safety is important. Our grilling planks are 100% pure and clean with no pesticides, herbicides or foreign matter. Plus, we use food-safe production processes and operate our facilities to the highest sanitary standards.

Private Branding

Want your company name, logo or message on our planks? Not a problem! We offer private branding for a one-time set up fee of $150 for the cost of your unique branding plate.

Bulk and Retail

Whether you are interested in bulk planks for a value-added item, or you’re looking to sell retail-packaged planks in your grocery store, we can help! We offer a variety of sizes and wood types in both bulk and retail options.

Ordering Grilling Planks & Wood Smoking Products

sampler-pack-5x11-wildwood-grilling-3So you’re ready to place an order – great! We can help you with that.

First things first – how many do you need?

We can (and will) sell you any amount you need from just one item to an entire boat load. We have a mill after all and you are buying directly from the producer, so we can tailor an order to fit your needs.

Need just a couple? Go to our online shop to place your order.

Need more than just a couple? E-mail us or call at 208-265-4480.