About Liz


Liz grew up in New Jersey about an hour and a half outside of New York City, as the only child of two parents who loved good eats and good travels. Delicious food at all price points from all corners of the globe has been a cornerstone of her life from a very young age.

She was obsessed with all things Western and wild from the start. She was about 5 when she decided she wanted to be an archaeologist At age 8 she went to an off-the-grid, girls-only summer camp in Maine where she learned to shoot a bow, paddle a canoe, and identify all manner of local flora and fauna. When she was 12, she decided she didn’t want to eat meat, out of concern for the wellbeing of animals and the environment.

Twelve years later, after some formative experiences – including working on a chicken farm in Texas, working in a morgue, and moving to places in the West where hunting is prevalent – Liz became curious about the ethics of hunting for her own food. She tried her hand at water-fowling in Montana 5 years ago, fell in love with the experience, and the rest has been culinary hill-stomping history.

She looks forward to sharing wild game focused recipes to suit budgets and kitchens of all sizes.

What are you most often grilling?

Whatever wild game steaks or burger I have thawed!

What are you usually drinking while grilling? 

In summertime, I’m a big fan of Belgian lambics. When it’s cold, I’m a sucker for a whiskey cocktail. I make my own bitters in the winter too.

What’s your favorite thing to cook? 

Since I started hunting in about 2014, any wild game I’ve hunted and butchered myself takes the cake. Pronghorn, teal, and grouse are my personal favorites. Wild game meat’s flavor is really locked up in the muscle, not the fat, and the variability in flavor and texture between individual animals makes cooking wild game challenging but deeply rewarding.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

A toss-up between assorted bugs (extra-sour lime ants were a personal favorite) or “the other Rocky Mountain oysters”: deer testicles. I’ll try almost anything once!

What’s your favorite condiment?

Soy sauce and truffle salt make my world go ’round.