Looking for a healthier way to have a great pasta sauce? Look no further, this sauce is packed with so much flavor with an underlay of a rich, sweet, smoked squash.

Total Time: 1 hr, 45 min
Servings: 6-10


  • Northwest Blend Smoking Chips
  • 1 Butternut Squash
  • ½ Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 1 Cup Chicken Broth
  • 1½ tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1 tsp Onion Granules
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp ground Black Pepper
  • 2 Tbsp grated Parmesan Cheese

Chef's Tip

This sauce is very versatile, you can use it as a pasta sauce, and pair it with some grilled pork.

You can also serve as a soup as well, top it with some fresh herbs, toasted pine nuts, and a drizzle of heavy cream.

Another favorite way to use the sauce is when making lasagna, either a vegetarian or use lean meat such as ground turkey or chicken.


  1. Preheat or set up your grill for indirect grilling. You want a temperature around 375 – 400˚ F.
  2. Place butternut squash on a stable cutting board and cut in half lengthwise. Remove and discard seeds using a spoon.
  3. Place a couple big handfuls of the Wildwood Smoking Chips onto the coals, put your grill grate on and place the squash, skin-side down directly on the grill grate. Grill for one hour with lid closed.
  4. After an hour, flip squash over and place directly on grill for another 10-15 minutes.
  5. Remove from grill. Squash should be tender and easy to spoon out. Let the Squash cool down a little bit so it’s easier to spoon out. Remove all squash from the skin and put into your blender.
  6. Next add heavy cream, chicken broth, salt, & pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder into blender. Blend on a setting for soup/sauces or until the squash is a sauce like consistency.
  7. Pour into a saucepan and reheat sauce. Add in the grated parmesan cheese.
  8. Your sauce is ready to toss with some fresh cooked pasta or pour into a bowl for a delicious soup.

*Keep a spray bottle of water handy in case of flare-ups.

Used in this recipe:

Northwest Blend Smoking Chips