This weekend is the one we’ve all been waiting for (unless you followed the Packers and you got to see your heart get shattered more often than I care to count,) and we have the best recipes for the Super Bowl.

I’m here to help you eat and drink through the pain that will be the Falcons crushing the Patriots when we all wanted the Pack. I get it, you get it, now lets go eat something delicious to forget about it. Since it is football we still try to employ the classic finger foods, snacks and the showstopper (it’ll be our new recipe, not Lady Gaga).

Planking Made Easy for Game Day

You don’t have to be hosting the party to be the griller. Grilling something up at home is fun way to say to your host, “I don’t trust you, so I grilled up some backup,” but ever so subtly as to not let them actually catch on that your grilling prowess is unsurmountable.

This year we will be including only our favorite game day foods, so your mind can be at ease knowing Wildwood will be taking care of you giving you the best recipes for the Super Bowl.

Here are our favorite recipes:

  • Cedar Planked Buffalo Chicken Bites
  • Hickory Planked Oktoberfest Bratwursts
  • Red Oak Planked Bloomin’ Onion


The joy of crafting these delectable treats for your Super Bowl party is a taste that sticks with you long after you’ve finished eating and most importantly, the simplicity of it all. Grill on, brave grillers.

Cedar Planked Buffalo Chicken Bites


What goes better with football and beer than bacon wrapped anything? Well this recipe is a touchdown! (They made me write that. I hate puns. I’m so sorry) Crank up the grill to 400˚F, soak your plank. I could bore you with the rest of the directions or you could just watch a 50 second video showing you.

Here’s the Cedar Planked Buffalo Chicken Bites recipe if you need some more clarification.

Hickory Planked Oktoberfest Bratwursts

Unfortunately, I do not have a video to walk you through this one, I do however have a picture of what your brats should look like. Good luck!


On the off chance that isn’t enough information here is the link to our Planked Brats Recipe.

Red Oak Planked Blooming Onion

While this appetizer may seem tricky, the trickiest thing involving this recipe is finding yourself loading up your plate too much then suddenly realizing you have no more room for anything else! Fight back hunger with this perfect finger food. Bloomin’ Onion will get you there.



These are the winning picks from the Wildwood team. Anyone who says different isn’t to be trusted. Trust us, we smell like cedar and grill all day long. Now go on and make your party #1 with these recipes for the Super Bowl.

Evan here! Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. Join me on my journey, tongs in hand, party snacks in the other as I discover the tastier side of the grill. I once heard that “Genius might be the ability to say a profound thing in a simple way.” and clearly I did not accomplish that today.