Alder Grilling Planks (2-Pack)

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Cooking your food on an Alder plank will infuse it with a delicate, earthy flavor and a hint of sweetness.

This all-purpose smokiness is a must-have for white fish, seafood, vegetables and fruit.

Simply soak the plank for 1 to 2 hours, place your favorite food on the plank, and place the food-loaded plank on the grill or in the oven.

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These planks are made of Northwest Alder – a favorite here in the Pacific Northwest. This pack comes with two (2) of our 5×11″ grilling planks, beautifully packaged. This size is ideal for 2 – 4 servings (per plank).

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5" x 11" x 3/8"

Wood Type


Flavor Pairings

Fruit, Halibut, Mild Fish, Seafood, Vegetables

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