Wildwood smoking chips are the way to go. Most of the time when you are buying smoking chips you’d think the answer to which brand is beast would be cut and dry. This unfortunately is not always the case. We’ll break down the reasons why going with Wildwood is the way to smoked delicious goodness.
It’s hard to make an informed choice when there are hundreds of styles and types of smoking chips out there today. We’re here to make your life easier and help narrow your decision. When it comes to the production process of smoking chips, we are the one manufacturer out that that runs our would be smoking chips through the kelm before we go and chop them up. This is important for a few reasons, firstly by doing this we are able to keep our machines running longer and more efficiently. Chopping them up before they are dry runs machines down and then they cannot guarantee on time orders.
Another standout point to consider when making your smoking chip purchase is when we bag our chips up, weigh them and send them out that is the accurate weight. If you are bagging smoking chips that haven’t been properly dried out your volume and honest weight are no longer going to be accurate. We give you straight smoking chip weight. Eliminating moisture not only gives the buyer a better idea of how many chips they will have, but sealing moisture in with decomposable products is just disaster waiting to happen. You wouldn’t water down your food, more or less eat something with mildew. Sure we suggest soaking your smoking chips for a short while before tossing them on the grill to give you a slower burn and more smoke for more flavor, but we don’t have it in the bag.

Why buying kiln dried smoking chips is the way to go.

  • Not packaged wet, no chance of mildew.
  • No filler in NW blend, Hickory, Maple, Alder and Wild Cherry
  • Actual honest weight of product, not watered down.
Another issue you’ll find with competitors smoking chips is that most of them have “filler” this being stuff that will burn but will not add smokey flavor that you are looking for. Wildwood’s smoking chips do not contain bark, dirt, gravel or even bugs. By eliminating bark from the chipping process we also cut out other would be filler that would make the smoking chip bags weigh more but not help you achieve the best tasting food.
So with these extra steps we take this does make our costs go slightly up, but when buying through Wildwood for your smoking chip needs, you do not have a more accurate, honest weight and you are burning safe smokable wood chips that are going to bring you more flavor than you could have hoped for.

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