Most of us want to eat healthy… but that doesn’t always go according to plan. Life gets in the way with busy schedules, free treats in the office, indulgent holidays and the one-click convenience of delivery.

It’s not always simple to find nutritious foods that are easy to cook and taste great. One superfood that ticks all of these boxes (and more!) is rainbow trout. Here are a few reasons to love this powerful protein:

1. Easy to cook

One of the best benefits of rainbow trout is that it can be prepared from both frozen or thawed. In the middle of a busy week (or if you forgot to meal prep) you can treat yourself to a real, delicious meal in less than 20 minutes. Rainbow trout fillets are so thin and delicate that, when thawed, they can be sautéed in about 7 minutes. Whether you prefer to roast, broil, grill, pan-sear or poach, it’s all possible with trout.

2. Sustainable and responsible

Figuring out which seafood species are sustainable and safe can be a complicated process. Luckily, farmed rainbow trout is always a responsible choice. Trout that is raised in freshwater raceways is even labeled a “Best Choice” by SeafoodWatch. The majority of farmed trout in the United States is grown in pure underground aquifer spring water in a non-consumptive aquaculture process.

Pro tip: Use the SeafoodWatch app to find sustainable seafood near you.

3. Healthy

We know that eating two servings of seafood a week is part of a balanced diet, but what makes rainbow trout so special? Rainbow trout is packed with nutrients; it truly is a superfood. One serving offers about one third of your daily protein, half of your Vitamin B-12 and your entire amount of Vitamin D. Much like salmon, trout also contains omega-3 fatty acids that promote heart health.

4. Versatile

Because of rainbow trout’s mild flavor, it fits perfectly into any type of cuisine you desire. Use it in a classic fish fry or fish tacos. Get creative with a Vietnamese-inspired banh mi or a chili ginger udon salad. Cook trout with French flavors like blue cheese and bacon, or wrap it in prosciutto for an Italian touch. Get spicy with harissa or traditional with lemon, herbs and butter. Grill them traditionally or on a cedar plank. Cooking with rainbow trout is only limited by your creativity.

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