A backyard that consists of 2.5 million acres makes for a swell place to ride horses, grill good food and be free.

It can be easy to forget that half the fun of living is eating good food, I prefer my good food to be enjoyed horseback after we have conquered a new hill or sometimes an old favorite. It goes without saying on pack trips or big day excursions that the easier it is to pack the more likely it is to come along. Growing up we always brought along a style of hotdog to make a small fire and have a quick and easy lunch before we move on. Always sacrificing flavor for connivence. BEHOLD! Grilling wraps enter my life. Light, easy to use, and flavor that kicks!

Always time for horsing around

“A good start makes for a good campaign” Woodrow Call. What he really meant I believe, is that a tasty lunch while out on a big trip makes the crew happy. Therefore more fun to ride with. When you have a full belly and the proper amount of cheer you can climb any mountain.

With the crew nourished, we get back to what we know. Finding all the beauty and sights that this great place gives us. Living here brings a kind of caring for the land and the animals that inhabit it. Knowing Wildwood has a keen focus on being environmentally friendly and doing their part to keep this great country beautiful is just another great reason to ride with them and more importantly grill with them.
So go get out there and see the beauty of all these places we hold dear. Hike it, bike, ride, swim or drive. Have good food along the way. Grill it right, see it all. Life’s too short to see all the pretty places with food that never reached its proper eating potential.
Evan here! Born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. Join me on my journey, spatula in hand, grilling wraps in the other as I discover the tastier side of the grill.