About Stephanie

Stephanie was born and raised in The Great Pacific Northwest of Washington. With the perfect blend farmland and fresh available seafood from the coast… she says she couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Stephanie had the privilege of growing up on a small family farm of about 15 acres and thinks it was the best way a kid could grow up. Her family, especially her Grandpa, made a huge impact on the person she is today. It’s where she first learned the real meaning of the Farm to Table lifestyle. From a young age, Stephanie was taught the value of not being wasteful and utilizing everything a farm provides. She remembers sitting around the dinner table and talking about how just about everything they had to eat was from their little slice of land, from the veggies we had, to the steak we grilled up!

As she found her way in the Culinary world, she quickly discovered her love for Hispanic Culture with all the chiles, spices, mole, salsas. All of the food and flavors are amazing! The family-oriented culture really pulled her in, reminding her of family. Wanting to tie her family culture into this love of food, she created her own way to have the freshness of the Northwest and the spiciness of these amazing chiles. This led to the creation of Ferociously Fresh.

Stephanie loves to grill and create food that gives you both the experience of a Michelin Star restaurant, and also a familiarity of backyard BBQ with family. Food is more than just food for her, it is a story about who you are and through food we find home, where friends become family and where we are bound by the inspiration of each other.

What is your favorite condiment? 

Anything spicy!

What does a standard grilled or fire-cooked dinner look like for you and your family?

I keep it pretty simple – grill up a great steak and veggies and put out an amazing Mexican feast.

What do you like to drink while you grill?

Water for the most part. A glass of wine if I have friends over.

What is your favorite thing to grill on a plank?

Fresh seafood.

What is your go-to item to grill?

Tri-Tip, It is a flavor bomb packed into each bite!

Worst weather you’ve experienced while cooking outdoors?

It’s pretty mild here in the PNW so mostly just lots of rain.