Grilling planks are a hot trend in the food industry right now. Whether you’re using the traditional Cedar, or woods like Alder, Hickory, or Maple – they add delicious smoke flavor to any meal. Chefs in restaurants around the country and home-chefs are using planks to infuse flavor into their food naturally – anything from salmon to vegetables to chicken wings to galettes and more.

What to look for when buying Grilling Planks

Not all planks are created equal. And since planks come in direct contact with your food, it’s important to know what to look for when you buy them.

  • All Natural: The wood itself should be enough to flavor your food. If planks are treated with additives or chemicals, you should stay away from them.
  • Food Safe: You don’t want any old wood from the lumber yard. Make sure the planks you’re buying are food-safe. This includes everything from sourcing to manufacturing.
  • Made in the USA: You want to know where your planks come from.

Where can you buy Grilling Planks?

You can find grilling planks at various grocery stores, hardware stores, and kitchen specialty stores. Grilling planks can also be purchased online. Our shop has high-quality, food-safe Wildwood Grilling planks (and free shipping on orders over $30!).

Need a recipe to cook on your grilling planks? How about this classic

Cedar Planked Salmon Recipe