Cedar planks have been used for hundreds of years to season food naturally. The natives of the Pacific Northwest would cook their catch of salmon over Western Red Cedar (which is only native to this region of the country) to infuse smoke flavor into their food.

Nowadays, Cedar grilling planks can be found far and wide in grocery stores, kitchen specialty stores and online. But not all planks are created equal. Only Western Red Cedar infuses the true flavor we’ve come to love. Other types of Cedar are often resinous, pungent and sometimes even poisonous.

Cedar Planks – Spicy, Fragrant, Smoky

Cedar grilling planks infuse your favorite foods with a strong, spicy smoke flavor.

Cedar Planked Salmon

This flavor pairs best with the following foods:

Cedar Grilling Wraps

Another way to get that delicious Cedar smoke flavor is by using grilling wraps.

Cedar Wrapped Sriracha Shrimp

They are a thin piece of wood used to wrap around your food. Wraps keep your food moist and juicy, while still adding natural smoke flavor.