Shrimp is one of the easiest proteins to tackle for last minute grilling. It can take on the flavor of your marinade in minutes and cooks in a snap! We rounded up all our fave grilled, planked, and wrapped shrimp recipes. Check it out.

Cedar Skewered Cajun Shrimp Tacos

A breeze to pack, easy to cook and easy to eat, these tacos are great for any beach party or a great grilled lunch with a view. Easy peel shrimp can take a lot off your prep time and wallet. For hassle-free beach grilling, season and skewer the shrimp, and make the salsa in advance.

Cedar Planked Chili Lime Shrimp

One of the many reasons we love this Cedar Planked Chili Lime Shrimp recipe is because of the delicious flavor combination from the fragrant Cedar smoke, sweet chili sauce and the refreshing lime juice. Whether you want to eat this shrimp on their own, or enjoy them in tacos, they’re an easy dinner recipe – even on busy weeknights.

Cedar Wrapped Black Pepper Shrimp Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a good shrimp cocktail?! This is our take on a gulf-style shrimp cocktail. The Cedar grilling wraps (also known as Cedar papers) add delicious smoke and fresh wood flavor to the shrimp.

Shrimp and Slaw Sliders

Sliders are classic, we thought we would class some up with a little Cedar flavor and marinated shrimp. Present the skewers on the sliders for an impressive platter presentation.

Alder Planked Lemon-Pepper Shrimp

Shrimp are the perfect BBQ appetizer. For this lemon-pepper-garlic shrimp, we decided to grill it on an Alder plank for extra smoke flavor. Alder has a delicate smoke flavor that pairs especially well with white fish and vegetables, so we decided it was the right fit for our lemon-pepper shrimp.

Cedar wrapped Jumbo Shrimp with Tequila, Jalapeño, and Lime

Cooking shrimp in their shells with the head on helps retain their natural flavor and is far more delicious. Also more hands on when eaten!

Alder Wrapped Honey Walnut Prawns

This recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and savory with a nice toothy texture from the walnuts. Drizzle extra honey, lemon juice, and coconut milk on top as a garnish before serving